SpiralistaStand tall
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A unique method for healthy back and spine.
Thanks to this app, you can exercise anywhere.

Unique mobile app

at your fingertips.

160+ video exercises
Individual plan
Progress monitoring
Up to 14 days free.

Unique exercise method.

Spiral stabilization is a unique rehabilitation method that has been developed by Dr. Smíšek since 1979. It is based on exercising muscle chains, improving posture and strengthening the core muscles so that muscular harmony and symmetry are restored.

It helps with.

Back pain
Disc herniation
Problems after spine surgery
Stamina training for athletes

Exercise anywhere.
With your mobile.

With the smart Spiralista app, you can exercise every day, whether you're at home, at work or on holiday. Just turn on your personal training and get started.

Look at the overview of today's workout and all the things you need.
Simply find the exercise on the list.
Set notifications to improve your results.
Make your own plan and work out regularly and systematically.
Motivate yourself, observe your progress and history.
Exercise with a detailed voice guide in the English language.

All you need.

Whether your motivation is back without pain, improving posture or strengthening your muscles, you will find all you need for your better attitude to life in this app.

Download the app now and try its features for free.
Up to 14 days.


the video.

Precise exercises
will speed up your progress.

To make your trainings as effective as possible, the application includes a detailed video for each exercise. Illustrative visualization shows movement sequences.

Video for each exercise

Detailed video exercises are designed for precise understanding of each exercise before you start your workout.

Illustrative visualization

Illustrative visualization contributes to faster learning of your exercises and principles of this exercise technique.


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Do you need to know anything else?

What is Spiralista?

Spiralista is a workout application for the unique physiotherapeutic techniques of the Spiral stabilization method. Thanks to this application, you can use this method every day – at home, at work or on vacation. All you need to do is make your own workout plan and start exercising.

Do I need any special exercise equipment?

Yes, you need an elastic cord that you will use for almost all exercises. Some exercises also require a balance mat and support sticks. A chair without back support is needed for sitting exercises.

For which devices is Spiralista app available?

The Spiralista App is available for mobile devices using iOS operating systems (version 12 & higher) and Android (version 8 & higher).

How many plans can I create?

The application allows you to create 1 long-term plan and up to 3 custom plans.

How do I turn on workout notifications?

You can turn on workout notifications while you create your plan, or later in the detail of the plan by pressing the button in the top right-hand corner of the display.

What are Quick Workouts?

Quick Workouts are short, 10-15 minutes long workouts that you can include in your regular exercise. Unlike long-term plans, these workouts don’t change or develop dynamically. This means that you always do the same set of exercises.

Does Spiralista keep my data private?

Yes. The Spiralista Application is designed to ensure privacy and protect your data generated during your workouts and use of the Application.