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What is Spiralista?

Spiralista is a workout application for the unique physiotherapeutic techniques of the Spiral stabilization method. Thanks to this application, you can use this method every day – at home, at work or on vacation. All you need to do is make your own workout plan and start exercising.

Do I need any special exercise equipment?

Yes, you need an elastic cord that you will use for almost all exercises. Some exercises also require a balance mat and support sticks. A chair without back support is needed for sitting exercises.

What is the number of repetitions of individual exercises during training?

The standard number of repetitions for most of the exercises is ten reps. Nevertheless, if you exercise regularly, the number of repetitions depends on the difficulty level of the exercise and also on the number of different sets of exercises you do. However, in Spiralista application we have a pre-set up made (appears in the player at the bottom left) so you will always know how many times you need to repeat each particular exercise.

Why is the training not playing automatically?

Unfortunately autoplay in the Spiralista app is not available yet. In the player you need to manually switch between particular exercises. By tapping the right side of the screen you switch to the following exercise and by tapping the left side, you switch to the previous exercise.

Why is the app not available in my country?

The availability of the Spiralista app for each country depends on our current ability to deliver the Spiralista exercise equipment to the country.

How much is the subscription?

You can download the Spiralista application for free. If you want to exercise regularly and play the video workouts, choose a subscription. The monthly subscription is 8.99 USD per month and first 7 days free. The annual subscription is 88.99 USD per year and first 2 weeks free.

How can I change the type of my subscription?

For Android device you need to cancel your current subscription and then choose a new one. For iSO device you can change the type of your subscription in your phone's settings or directly in Spiralista app - My progress - Settings (an icon of a cogwheel at the top right corner) – Subscription.

How can I cancel my subscription?

Canceling subscription is possible in your phone's settings or directly in Spiralista app - My progress - Settings (an icon of a cogwheel at the top right corner) – Subscription.

For which devices is Spiralista app available?

The Spiralista App is available for mobile devices using iOS operating systems (version 12 & higher) and Android (version 8 & higher).

What is the difference between a long-term and a custom plan?

The Application itself creates your long-term plan based on the goal that you have specified. The long-term plan contains pre-selected exercises so individual workouts change and develop dynamically. You create a custom plan by selecting specific exercises from a list that you can change at any time.

How many plans can I create?

The application allows you to create 1 long-term plan and up to 3 custom plans.

How do I turn on workout notifications?

You can turn on workout notifications while you create your plan, or later in the detail of the plan by pressing the button in the top right-hand corner of the display.

What are Quick Workouts?

Quick Workouts are short, 10-15 minutes long workouts that you can include in your regular exercise. Unlike long-term plans, these workouts don’t change or develop dynamically. This means that you always do the same set of exercises.

What should I do if I can't start the application?

First, make sure that you have upgraded to the latest version of the operating system for your mobile phone and that you have downloaded the latest version of the Spiralista app. If you still can't start the application, contact us via our inquiry form. In the description, state the type of your mobile phone and the version of your operating system.

Does Spiralista keep my data private?

Yes. The Spiralista Application is designed to ensure privacy and protect your data generated during your workouts and use of the Application.

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