Spiralista - Arcitles


How to choose exercises?

1. Level
Decide if you are a beginner or an advanced exerciser. If you exercise the Spiral stabilization method for the first time, you should always begin with basic steps. Individual levels can be filtered in the list of exercises in the Application. We recommend you always include the Sport exercises after 5 weeks of regular workout.

2. Exercises after exercises
Add exercises to your plan gradually and don’t perform them all at once in the beginning. Ideally, you should add one exercise every day, exercise regularly and consistently. If you choose an advanced exercise that must be preceded by a basic exercise, the Application itself will put them in the correct order. If you aren’t sure about an exercise, you will find a description and a video of how to perform it properly in the detail of the exercise. It is helpful to consult a physiotherapist to correct your exercise technique.

3. Groups
All exercises in the Application are put into the following groups:

Chair workout
Double leg stance workout
Kneeling exercises
Leg workout
Shifting weight workout
One leg on the mat workout
Step on the mat workout
One leg stance workout
Arc workout
Strength workout
Gentle neck workout
One arm workout
Step workout
Sport workout

The detail of each exercise describes how to perform it. Ideally, you should start with the B group exercises – Double leg stance workout. Later, you can add variations (K – Gentle neck workout, E – Shifting weight workout, G – Step on the mat workout, I – Arc workout, O – Sport workout and others. If one of your limbs hurts, start with the F group – One leg on the mat workout, or the A group – Chair workout. However, never do the Chair workout or the One leg on the mat workout for more than 3 weeks – you should always reach the standing level as soon as possible.

4. Basic set
The basic set consists of 7 exercises that symmetrically stretch and relax all important muscles in the body within 10 minutes. This set includes: Book, Hitchhiker, Back Scales, Circles, Back Fencer, Flamingo and Tourist. Choose the group according to your possibilities – if you do not have any movement restrictions, choose group B – Double leg stance workout. All exercises that are done sideways or with one arm/leg must be done on both sides. If any exercise gives you pain, you can skip it for the time being and go back to it next time. You will find the right technique in the description and in the video. We also recommend consulting your physiotherapist.

Quick workouts
You can also add Quick Workouts to your daily exercise. These short workouts were created for you by physiotherapists in advance. However, if you are working out for the first time, you should again start with one exercise after another and you shouldn’t do the whole set in one day.