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Scoliosis correction in the Spiralista app

Corrective exercises for scoliosis have been added to the Spiralista app. Corrective scoliosis exercises are performed in designated positions of specific exercises and aim to stabilize and reverse the scoliosis curve . Modifications of corrective exercises are based on the scoliotic curve of the person exercising. Corrective exercises for scoliosis have never been released to public before, except for MUDr. Katka Smíšková’s lectures. Now here is the opportunity for patients suffering from scoliosis and physiotherapists as well to learn the corrective exercises in depth and practise them on daily baisis. Thanks to the Spiralista app.

These corrective exercises are taught in exercise courses designated for children suffering from scoliosis and their parents. The presence of parents is important because they learn the corrective exercises and specific modifications along with their children. This way they can help their children exercise correctly at home. The children will slowly learn all the exercises and their specific modifications and later on they will not need their parents‘ assistance anymore. Nevertheless, corrective exercises for scoliosis are not designated for children only, they are actually for everybody who needs to modify his or her exercise routine depending on his or her scoliotic curve.

These corrective exercises have been added to the Principle section in the Spiralista app. Each corrective exercise has a detailed description explaining for which scoliotic curve it is suitable, how to perform the corrective exercise correctly and what you need to pay attention to. As always you can also find there a video with a voice commentary that will help you learn the technique more effectively. If you are a physiotherapist working with patients suffering from scoliosis or if you are the patient and you are already attending the group exercise course and you want to make sure that you perform all the corrective exercises correctly, all you need to do is to download the Spiralista app. Here you will find all the corrective exercises all together with detailed descriptions by MUDr. Katka Smíšková herself.